Beeton’s Book of Household Management was published in serial form between 1859 and 1861. In volume form it was published for the first time in 1861. Its listing here would be:

Beeton, Isabella. The book of household management … also, sanitary, medical, & legal memoranda; with a history of the origin, properties, and uses of all things connected with home life and comfort. London: S.O. Beeton, 1861. (xxxix, 1112)

Below I have compiled a chronological selected list of conduct, household management, and advice books that are similar in some way to Household Management, including links to online reading copies when possible. Preference for the list includes a British audience and the genres of domestic manuals, advice literature, and instruction in how to perform ideal female behavior by the standards of each author. This list is an outcrop from my dissertation research, and includes some hard-to-find volumes’ reference information from the Cornell libraries’ HEARTH project bibliographies, available here.

Atkyns, Arabella. The family magazine: in two parts. Part I. Containing useful directions in all the branches of house-keeping … Part II. Containing a compendious body of physick. London, 1741. (2 v. in 1.)
1747 edition –

Glasse, Hannah. The Art of Cookery, Made Plain and Easy. 1st edition, 1747.
1774 edition –

Raffald, Elizabeth. The Experienced English House-Keeper: For the Use and Ease of Ladies, Housekeepers, Cooks, &c. Manchester: J. Harrop, 1769.

Rundell, Maria Eliza Ketelby. A New System of Domestic Cookery: Formed upon Principles of Economy and Adapted to the Use of Private Families. Printed for J. Murray and J. Harding, 1806.

Ude, Louis Eustache. The French Cook: Or, The Art of Cookery Developed in All Its Various Branches. London : Printed by Cook and Baylis for the author, 1813.

1818: (1817?)
Armstrong, John. The young woman’s guide to virtue, economy and happiness, being an improved and pleasant directory for cultivating the heart and understanding; with a complete and elegant system of domestic cookery. Newcastle-upon-Tyne Mackenzie & Dent, 1818. (684 p)
1817 edition –

Kitchiner, William. Apicius Redivivus : The Cook’s Oracle. Second Edition, London : printed for John Hatchard … [et al.], 1818.

The young lady’s own book: a manual of intellectual improvement and moral deportment. Philadelphia: Key & Biddle, 1833. (320 , [1] leaf of plates)
1841 edition –

Carême, M. A. (Marie-Antonin), The Royal Parisian Pastrycook and Confectioner: From the Original of M.A. Carême. London : F.J. Mason, 1834.

Beecher, Catharine Esther. A treatise on domestic economy: for the use of young ladies at home and at school. Boston: Marsh Capen Lyon and Webb, 1841. (xxiv, 441)
1843 edition –

The Girls’ Manual, comprising a summary view of female studies, accomplishments, and principles of conduct. New York: Appleton, 1842. (288)

Acton, Eliza. Modern Cookery, in All Its Branches. London: Longman, Brown, Green, and Longmans.

Francatelli, Charles Elmé. The Modern Cook : A Practical Guide to the Culinary Art in All Its Branches, Adapted as Well for the Largest Establishments as for the Use of Private Families. 2nd edition. London : Richard Bentley, 1846.

Soyer, Alexis. The Gastronomic Regenerator : A Simplified and Entirely New System of Cookery, with Nearly Two Thousand Practical Receipts Suited to the Income of All Classes : Illustrated with Numerous Engravings and Correct and Minute Plans How Kitchens of Every Size, from the Kitchen of a Royal Palace to That of the Humble Cottage, Are to Be Constructed and Furnished. London : Simpkin, Marshall & Co., and sold by John Ollivier, 1846.

Soyer, Alexis. The Pantropheon, or, History of Food, and Its Preparation, from the Earliest Ages of the World. Boston : Ticknor, Reed, and Fields, 1853.

Holland, Mary. The Complete Economical Cook, and Frugal Housewife : An Entirely New System of Domestic Cookery, Containing Approved Directions for Purchasing, Preserving, and Cooking, Also, Trussing & Carving; Preparing Soups, Gravies, Sauces, Made Dishes, Potting, Pickling, &c. With Directions for Pastry and Confectionary, Likewise the Art of Making British Wines, Brewing, Baking, Etc. London : William Tegg and Co., 1853.

1855: How to Furnish a House and Make it a Home. [From The Economic Library series.] London: Groombridge (possibly 1853?)
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1856: Pullan, Matilda Marian. The Lady’s Dictionary of Needlework. A Complete Guide to all the Signs, Terms, and Contractions used in Every Sort of Fancy-Work: with Illustrated Instructions for the Elementary Stitches, and Hints on Materials and Implements. By Mrs. Pullan. Editor of the Work-Table of the Different Periodicals in which Needlework Appears. London: Ward, Lock & Co., 1856. Google Books [Note: Aside from needlework and sewing books, Pullan also wrote on childcare, toys, and parlour games. Several of her books are available to read here.]

Gordon, Margaret Maria. Household Economy : A Manual Intended for Female Training Colleges and the Senior Classes of Girls’ Schools. Edinburgh : Constable; London : Hamilton, Adams, 1858 [date uncertain in record].

1858: List of similar books advertised in the May 1858 issue of The Englishwoman’s Domestic Magazine

Lea, Elizabeth Ellicot. Domestic Cookery, Useful Receipts, and Hints to Young Housekeepers. Baltimore, Cushings and Bailey, 1859.
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How to Shine in Society, or, The science of conversation: containing the principles, laws and general usages of polite society. New York: Dick & Fitzgerald, 1860. (96)
1881 edition –

The Lady’s Guide to the Ordering of Her Household, and the Economy of the Dinner Table, by A Lady.
London: Smith, Elder & Co.
Florida State University scan

The English Gentlewoman: a practical journal for young ladies on their entrance into society. London: James Hogg, 1861. (312) (1861 3rd ed.)

Beecher, Catherine Esther and Harriet Beecher Stowe. The American woman’s home: or, Principles of domestic science; being a guide to the formation and maintenance of economical, healthful, beautiful, and Christian homes. New York; Boston: J. B. Ford and company; H. A. Brown & co.; [etc. etc.], 1869. (3 l ,xii, [13]-500)

Modern etiquette in private and public: including society at large, courtship and marriage, ball-room, dinner table, toilet, correspondence, etc., etc. London; New York: F. Warne; Scribner Welford, 1870. (viii, 181)
1887 edition –

Adams, W. H. Davenport. Woman’s work and worth in girlhood, maidenhood, and wifehood: illustrations of woman’s character, duties, rights, position, influence, responsibilities, and opportunities: with hints on self-culture and chapters on the higher education and employment of women. London: John Hogg, 1880. (xx, 551)
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Black. Hints to young housekeepers. London: W. Collins, 1880. (63, [1])

Panton, Jane. From Kitchen to Garret: Hints for Young Householders. London: Ward & Downey, 1890

Austin, B. F. (Benjamin Fish), et al. Woman : Maiden, Wife and Mother : A Study of Woman’s Worth and Work in All Departments of Her Manifold Life, Education, Business, Society, Housekeeping, Health, Physical Culture, Marriage and Kindred Matters. Brantford ; Toronto : Woman Pub. Co., 1898.

Spencer, Anna Garland. Woman’s Share in Social Culture. NY & London: Mitchell Kennerley.
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Stopes, Marie Carmichael. Married Love. London: A. C. Fifield.
Hathi Trust 9th ed. 1920
[Also NY: The Critic and Guide Company, link below.]
Hathi Trust NY edition 1918

Benjamin, Louise Paine. Why Men Like Us; Your Passport to Charm. New York: Stackpole Sons, 1937. (4 l , 11-213)
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