[Note: A list of Beeton publications (both magazine and book) current in 1862 is given in the end matter of Beeton’s Book of Birds. Another example is in the EDM here. In this one, Beeton includes a copy of an article from the 25 January 1863 issue of The Standard, praising his serials. (Text-search “serials” to quickly locate it in the document.) After acquisition by Ward, Lock the list of “Beeton’s” books continued to grow, as seen here.]

1855: The Key to Uncle Tom’s Cabin British Library

1853: The World’s Album; or, Gift-Book of Art. London : Clarke, Beeton & Co.

1853: Lectures on Intemperance by Lyman Beecher British Library

1853: Railway Reading: Letters on Education in England: Addressed Indifferently to All Classes by Ferdinand Gasc British Library

1853: Poems on Slavery by Longfellow, Whittier, Southey, etc. Clarke, Beeton & Co, 1853. British Library

1853: The American slave code in theory and practice; its distinctive features shewn by its statutes, judicial decisions, & illustrative facts. By William Goodell, Reformer. London : Clarke, Beeton & Co., [1853] British Library

1861: Beeton’s Book of Household Management S. O. Beeton Archive.org

1862: Beeton’s Book of Garden Management Ward, Lock, and Tyler Archive.org

1862: Beeton’s Book of Birds S. O. Beeton Archive.org , Wellcome Library

1862: Beeton’s British Gazetteer Hathi Trust

1862: Beeton’s Illuminated Family Bible, published in parts, with advertisements interleaved. Examined British Library copy.

1864: [Beeton’s] Book of Anecdote, Wit, and Humour : being a collection of wise and witty things in prose and verse. British Library (Listing only)

1865: Beeton’s Book of Burlesques. Containing five burlesques specially written for performance in the Theatre Royal Back Drawing Room. By W. Brough and F. C. Burnand … Illustrated. London : S. O. Beeton, 1865. British Library

1865: Beeton’s Book of Chemistry by Samuel O. Beeton, London : F. Warne & Co. British Library (Listing only)

1865: Beeton’s Book of Songs: being a collection of the national and popular songs of England, Scotland, & Ireland. With the music to which many of them are sung.
By Samuel Orchart Beeton, London : S. O. Beeton. British Library (Listing only)

1865: Beeton’s Football. By Frederick Wood, Writer on Cricket. London : Frederick Warne & Co. British Library (Listing only)

1865: Beeton’s Riddle Book. A collection of upwards of five hundred charades, enigmas … Illustrated. By Samuel Orchart Beeton. London : S. O. Beeton, 1865. British Library (Listing only)

Beeton’s Books of Home Pets

Beeton’s Christmas Annual – periodical published at the end of the year beginning in 1860 – British Library holdings

Beeton’s Life of Napoleon Bonaparte

The Rise of the Young Republic

The Young Reporter

The Boys Own Library

1828[incorrect date]: Beeton’s Dictionary of Universal Information S. O. Beeton Copy 1 Archive.org Copy 2 Archive.org

Beeton’s Science Art and Literature Dictionary of Universal Information Vol 1 Google Books (no access but searching) H-Z Vol 2 Google Books

1870: Beeton’s Book of Needlework Ward, Lock Copy 1 (blue cover) Archive.org Copy 2 (red cover) Archive.org

1870: Beeton’s Book of Poultry and Domestic Animals Ward Lock Archive.org

1870 (2nd ed.): Beeton’s Dictionary of Universal Biography Ward Lock Archive.org

1870-79[?]: Beeton’s Gardening Book Wellcome Library

1871: Beeton’s Englishwoman’s Almanac Hathi Trust

1872: Beeton’s Law Book British Library listing

Beeton’s Book of Acting Charades Ward Lock Archive.org

1881 (1890?): Beeton’s Housewife’s Treasury of Domestic Information comprising complete and practical instructions on the house and its furniture, artistic decoration … and all other household matters … a companion volume to “Mrs. Beeton’s book of household management” Internet Archive (dated to 1881 from an advertisement as noted by Thomas Rare Books “An advert for Whelipton’s [sic] Pills states ‘Estab. 1835’ and forty-six years of production confirms the date as c 1881.”) Additional various open-access Archive.org editions of this work: 1 2 3

1884: Beeton’s Dictionary of Natural History Hathi Trust

1885: Beeton’s Art of Public Speaking Hathi Trust

1886[?]: Beeton’s Illustrated Dictionary of the Physical Sciences Wellcome Library

Not yet located:

Beeton’s Brave Tales Ward Lock 1872

Beeton’s Historical Romances

Beeton’s Bible Dictionary and Beeton’s Shilling Gazetteer (advertised here)

Selected Beeton Publications:

Charles Henry Clarke and Samuel Orchart Beeton were originally partners in 1852, publishing as C. H. Clarke and Company, and then Clarke, Beeton & Co. Frederick Greenwood was also involved with the firm, sometimes writing introductions to the books.

1852: Uncle Tom’s Cabin (unauthorized British version from Clarke ) Internet Archive

1852: Uncle Tom’s Cabin (C. H. Clarke and Company, 148 Fleet Street, with illustrations Harriet Beecher Stowe objected to) Internet Archive

1853: The Gold-Finder of Australia by John Sherer, Clarke, Beeton & Co., private auction WorldCat (Letter in the British Library Manuscripts collection from Clarke, Beeton to the Royal Literary Fund confirming Sherer as the author.)

1853: The Wide, Wide World. Edited with a preface by C.B. Tayler. Clarke, Beeton, & Co. digital edition

1865: The Adventures of Reuben Davidger by James Greenwood (S. O. Beeton & Co, 248 Strand, W. C.) Internet Archive