The Rose Reading Room of the NY Public Library, one of the best spots on Earth to read.
Photo by Sebas Ribas on Unsplash

In my research I am eager to explore:

  • Digital humanities and digital histories
  • Collaborative, participatory digital projects
  • An ethos of access and inclusion in design and practice
  • 19th-century women’s periodicals
  • 19th-century publishing and press culture
  • 21st-century remediation and digital editions
  • Domestic literature and advice literature of the 19th century
  • Victorian literature and culture
  • Early 20th-century literature and culture 

My research finds home in the overlaps and liminal spaces of interdisciplinary work on digital humanities and UX, feminism, late Victorian and early 20th century literature and culture, material culture and the periodical press. Places where women first claimed authorial voices in the press are of special interest to me, especially  in the form of “woman to woman” advice literature in the 19th century, and its moments of quietly transgressive reclamation of narrative power.